Coper Health SAAS UI

The Challenge

Users wanted a product that could help them manage and monitor the health status of larger groups of people. The challenge was designing a logic for health management that actually works to meet this user need.


After research was conducted, it was discovered that there was no SAAS software in the digital market that enabled users manage the health of a larger group of people. So, we decided to take up the challenge and create one.

The Goal

To design and prototype user interfaces for a software (SAAS) UI that helps businesses and enterprises manage and monitor the health of staff and groups under them.

The Solution

A SAAS UI with features that helped users manage the health information of a group of people. Users would be able to create health spaces and add people to these health spaces, create health tasks, milestones, send bulk notifications and messages, and monitor organisational health.

The Design

Transitioning from ideation to design

First Off, Wireframes…

Designing digital wireframes for the product was the next step. We wanted to create a responsive product with enjoyable experience which addressed the need of users and met their health management goals. Having the user in front and center, design research was carried out during protoyping, to ensure that all features added took into account the expectations of diverse groups of users and put their needs into consideration.


Prototypes were created in Figma, and because a majority of users preferred low contrast colors, we chose a dark theme as the software’s default backgroud color. We however gave the users the option of toggling between light and dark modes, using a toggle switch on their dashboard. We also made this toggle switch easily accessible from the navigation bar.

We also improved the navigation experience by adding a navigation drawer, which could be expanded or collapsed, depending on users’ preferences. Breadcrumbs were also added at top-levels of all pages, to help users move through different screens easily.