Eclipz Barbershop App Design

The Challenge

Finding barbershops in different locations could be tricky. Users wanted to be able to search for barbershops without having to move around their neighbourhoods in search of one. Users also wanted to be able to contact barbershops and book sessions online.

After competitive analysis was carried out, it was found that there were no apps on mobile store that exclusively gave users the ability to find barbershops, directly contact barbers or book haircut sessions.

The Goal

To design and prototype a barbershop mobile app, which would help users who are looking to find and contact barbershops in various locations by creating an interface that is intuitive and enjoyable, with useful features that solve users’ problems.

My Role

Visual Design, Interaction Design, Prototyping.

The Solution

A barbershop app that connects customers with barbershops, with features to help customers find barbers in various locations, view haircut styles, follow updates from barbershops, contact barbershops and book haircut sessions.

The Design

Transitioning from ideation to design

First Off, Wireframes…

Designing digital wireframes for both user and barbershop sides of the product was the next step. Users wanted an intuitive and easy to use product which solved their various needs. Having the user in front and center, layout variations were ideated using wireframes.

High-Fidelity Designs

With wireframes handy, high fidelity designs were created. Changes to the design as it developed were documented in order to keep the design consistent, throughout the process.

A User-Friendly, Cohesive Style Guide for EclipZ App