An Amazing User Experience Design for Bespoke Clothing App


The Challenge

Customers were looking to purchase bespoke clothing from tailors online, while bespoke clothing tailors also wanted to connect with potential customers online.

Both potential users were oblivious of each other’s challenges and needed an online platform to connect and enact trade.

After Competitive Analysis was carried out, it was found that there was no app available on the Appstore or Google Playstore, that provided eCommerce between tailors and customers. Also, available tailoring apps failed to provide good UX for tailors.

The Goal

Design and prototype an E-Commerce marketplace where buyers could sketch concepts of clothing and purchase bespoke clothing listed by tailors, to make the user experience such that customers could easily find bespoke tailors on the app and make purchases seamlessly.

My Role

Research, Visual and interaction design, user testing.

The Solution

An E-Commerce app that connects buyers with tailors, with features to help customers sketch clothing styles/concepts, and make online purchases of bespoke clothing uploaded by tailors.

The Design Thinking Process

Empathizing with the potential user

The Research

To empathise with the potential user, interviews were conducted with fifteen users in participation.

Users were asked questions to learn about their clothing purchase behaviours, questions about their pain points during clothing purchase, and were given the opportunity to make suggestions about the process of purchasing bespoke clothing online.

Competitive Analysis was also carried out, to find out if there were existing solutions to users’ problem. And to learn how existing products attempted to solve users’ needs.

Putting it together

After interviews were carried out, empathy maps, user personas and user journey maps were drawn, in order to organise users’ needs into understandable forms.

The Takeaways

Pain points
Finding an app to purchase/sell bespoke clothing online, having to meet up physically with tailors/customers despite tight schedules, having tailors not deliver on deadlines.
User Goals
To find an app to purchase/sell bespoke clothing online without having to meet up physically with tailors/customers, to make orders for clothing job online, to get clothing jobs delivered timely and to track the progress of a clothing job.

Setting up the Foundations for a Great User Experience

User Flows
User flows were drawn for both customers and bespoke tailors.
Using research data, a user flow was drawn to show how customers were going to take steps to complete tasks within the app.
A user flow was also drawn as an ideation of how tailors were going to move through the product to complete tasks.

The Design Architecture

Next up, it was necessary to determine how information on the product was going to be organised, in order to give users the best experience.

The Design

Transitioning from ideation to design

First Off, Wireframes…

During ideation, paper and digital wireframes were drawn in order to figure out the layout logic of the app design.

High-Fidelity Designs

With wireframes handy, high fidelity designs were created using Figma. Changes to the design as it developed were documented in order to keep the design consistent, throughout the process.