DetectAI Tool UI

The Challenge

Online fraud is on the rise. Users wanted to be able to detect fraudulent messages sent by people on their social messaging apps, and we intended to solve this problem using user interface designs.


After market research and competitive analysis was carried out, it was discovered that there was no tool available to help users detect fraudulent messages on social sites. So, we decided to design one.

The Goal

To design a tool that leverages on AI technology, to help users detect fraudulent messages on social messaging apps.

My Role

UI Design, UI Animation, Protoyping.

The Solution

An AI tool that helps users detect misinformation and fraudulent messages sent on social messaging apps, with features to integrate the tool into messaging apps of their choice, scan messages for misinformation, and see results of successfully scanned messages.

The Design

Transitioning from ideation to design

High-Fidelity Designs

A dark background color and a lighter foreground was chosen to ensure that the tool contrasted well with the apps it was integrated with. Animations and microinteractions were also protoyped into the design to make the user experience more enjoyable, all the while meeting user and product design goals.

A new approach to detecting spam/fraudulent messages using AI

Wrapping it up

Prototyping was done using Figma with users’ expectations at the core. Interactions and UI animations were added to improve the overall users’ experience; ensuring that it was enjoyable, usable and intuitive.