An Awesome User Experience Design for Real Estate App


The Challenge

Customers were looking to find and buy real estate online, while realtors also wanted to sell real estate online.

Competitive Analysis showed that there were only a few real estate apps for places within Nigeria, on the Appstore or Google Playstore.

The Goal

Design and prototype an app where lessees could connect with realtors, to buy and sell real estate.

My Role

Research, UI Design

The Solution

An E-Commerce app that connects lessees with realtors, with features to help lessees view real estate listings according to categories, in different locations, search for real estate in different locations, find and contact realtors and make real estate enquiries.

Empathizing with the potential user

The Research

To empathise with the potential user, interviews were conducted with ten users in participation.

Users were asked questions to learn about their real estate buying and selling behaviours, questions about their pain points during real estate purchase and selling, and were given the opportunity to make suggestions about what they felt could be improved about leasing online.

Secondary research was also carried out, to find out the strengths and weaknesses of existing solutions, the opportunities for improvement and the threats that challenged the implementation of design solutions.

Putting it together

After research was carried out, empathy maps, user personas and user journey maps were drawn, in order to organise users’ needs into understandable forms.

The Takeaways

Pain points
Inability to inspect properties online, inability to find an app to communicate in real time with verified realtors and lessees, physically meeting up with multiple lessees in a single day.
User Goals
To find an app to buy and sell real estate online and be able to inspect properties, find property listings, and communicate with realtors and lessees in real time.

Setting up the Foundations for a Great User Experience

User Flows
To find an app to buy and sell real estate online and be able to inspect properties, find property listings, and communicate with realtors and lessees in real time.

User flows were drawn for both customers and bespoke tailors.
Using research data, a user flow was drawn to show how lessees were going to take steps to complete tasks within the app.
A user flow was also drawn as an ideation of how realtors were going to move through the product to complete tasks.

The Design

Transitioning from ideation to design

First Off, Wireframes…

Designing digital wireframes for both lessee and realtor sides of the product was the next step. Users wanted an intuitive and easy to use product which solved their various needs. Having the user in front and center, layout variations were designed, until ones with the best experience were arrived at.

High-Fidelity Designs

With wireframes handy, high fidelity designs were created using Figma. Changes to the design as it developed were documented in order to keep the design consistent, throughout the process.


Users could login or sign up using different methods: via Facebook, Google, or using their biometrics.


On log in, user navigates to a home screen that features lease categories and a new properties section. Users could also view and change their locations.


On selection of a category, user is navigated to a screen showing all real estate in that category.


User can see a full description, gallery and reviews of properties selected from the list of real estate. Users can also take a tour of various parts of the property and a second screens, using a gyroscope.


User can claim a property, once they are satisfied with its description. They can also contact realtors via WhatsApp or phone call.


User’s profile features account activities: purchases, inbox, items favourite added to favourite list, recently viewed items and important account settings.


User has a dedicated inbox, where they can chat with realtors.

Other Screens

A User-Friendly, Cohesive Style Guide for LeezerApp